Hi, my name is Ir Dr Sami Salama Hussen Hajjaj, and welcome to my humble website. 

I started my academic career in 2001 when I worked as a part-time tutor in my final year in college. I realized then how I enjoyed coaching and guiding others, which was natural for me since I come from a family of teachers and educators. 

I also have a keen interest in research and discovery; as a child, I always enjoyed reading about science, technology, and the world of tomorrow. This inspired me to become an academic, and in 2007 that became a reality, when I landed my first full-time position as University Lecturer.

Today, I am a Professional Engineer (PEng or Ir), a Chartered Engineer (CEng), a Senior Member of IEEE (SMIEEE), and a Certified IoT Specialist (CIoTs). I focus on Robotics & Automation, IoT, and the impact of technology on our society (more on my LinkedIn Profile).

This website acts as a platform for me to showcase my work, research, and related activities. It also allows me to interact and collaborate with others. The website is divided into the following sections: 

In this section, you can see my recent activities, be it events I attended, new publications, awards, or anything else that happened recently. You can opt to follow my activities and get notified when something new happens.  

In this section, I showcase my academic career and experience; highlighting my education, employment history, qualifications and skills, Teaching experience, Administrative experience, and Professional Recognition.  

In this section, I present my research activities and output; that includes the Research Areas I am currently working on, Publications lists, Awards, and Funding. Here, you can follow specific projects, comment on them, and collaborate if you would like.  

MyTraining [in Development]
This section presents my Training activities, which includes the training I presented in the past, current active training session, and a space for you to recommend/suggest a training topic. This section is still under development. 

This is my personal blog, where I write about my events, research, activities, as well as personal issues. you can interact with my writing by adding your comments, you can also like and share my posts and bring others to the conversation. 

Would you like to collaborate on a project? Do you need Training? Do you have some funding you want to offer or pursue? or is there anything else you would like to tell me? then you can use this section to contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.